Friday, 14 April 2017

ASNC Debate Motion

Here are the motions for ASNC debate competition:

1. THW ban dating apps
2. THW legalize casinos in big cities
3. THBT e-voting will bring more harm than good
4. THW limit the existence of houses of worship in every village
5. THW ban social media that has live features
6. THBT the demographic bonus in 2020 will have a positive impact towards economic development
7. TH supports the amendment of the ITE law
8. THW legalize euthanasia
9. THBT psychological disturbance is the main cause of lone wolf terrorism
10. TH supports Supreme Court Regulation No. 13 of 2016
11. TH supports the rejuvenation of traditional transportations in the capital city
12. TH supports preacher certification
13. THW open extra chairs for the House of Representatives
14. THBT China will lead the global economy and politics
15. TH supports PSSI young player regulations