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ASNC 2016: University Level

University Level
ASNC 2016 Annual SAEED NationaCompetition 2016
(National English Competition 2016)
25-27 March 2016



24th of March 2016                  
·        Technical meeting for University Level (13.00-14.00)

·       Place : Lecture Hall and W building of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty  UIN SGD Bandung
·      All participants or the representatives must attend the technical meeting for the drawing of performance turn and qualification round  material
·      For those who absent in techincal meeting, the drawing of performance turn and the material are on commitee’s authority

25th of March 2016
·        Re-registration
·        opening ceremony of ASNC (07.00-09.00)
·        Start the competition of elementary school and junior high school (09.00-16.00)
·       Place : Lecture Hall and W building of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty  UIN SGD Bandung.

26th of March 2016
·        Start the competition of senior high school and university (09.00-16.00)
·        Place : Lecture Hall and W building of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty  UIN SGD Bandung.

27th of March 2016
·        Closing of ASNC and winner announcement (07.30-10.00)


These are rules within the area of campus.
1.      No smoking.
2.      No card games or any gambling games.
3.      No shorts and sandals.
4.      No illegal possession of alcoholic drinks, drugs, guns, and sharp weapons.
5.      Participants must keep the building clean, littering is strictly prohibited.

1.    Participants must re-register in the place that has been provided at least 30 minutes before
the opening ceremony. Each Participant who does not re-register considered resigning from the competition, and the registration fee is not refundable.
2.    Each participant must wear performance turn number. Disobedience of this rule will cause a point reduction.
3.    Each participant must arrive in the waiting room at least 15 minutes before the competition starts.
4.   Participants who do not come after his/her name is announced 3 times in their turn will be disqualified.
5.    Participants must remain outside the performing room until their turn.
6.    There is no excuse for doing plagiarism and will be disqualified.
7.    Properties categorized as sharp tools or dangerous weapons, liquid, or powders that can litter performing room are prohibited.
8.    All judges’ decisions and results are considered as final.
9.    Participants who make a protest toward the judges’ decision will be disqualified.

All registered participants are considered as having read and understood all of the rules.


(Speech last year)

There are two rounds (eras) in competition as following:

A.   Reliant Era

1.    The competition will be run in Knock out System.

2.    The participant has to make an original text of speech.
3. Participants must send the original script of the speech on March 20th, 2016 to by subject
4.    The theme will be announce 3 weeks before the compitition on our blog.
5.    The time for performing is 7 minutes with the 25 seconds additional.
6.    The participant who passes the time which has been given will get reduction of point.
7.    Participants who are in 5 highest scores will go through to the final round.

B.   Future era
1.    The theme for the final will be given in a competition suddenly.
2.    The finalists have to make an original text of speech.
3.    The participant will be given 30 minutes to practice.
4.    The time performance is 3 Minutes (No additional time)


(Scrabble last yaear)

Competition Format

1.    The participants are from all grades.

2.    1 vs. 1

3.    System: Tournament (Australian Draw & King-of-the-Hill)

4.    Total Rounds: 5 (No Elimination)
5.    Final Round: 2 persons
6.    Word Authority: CSW15
7.    Penalty: 5 points per word which actually allowable
8.    The rule is based on WESPA.
9.    Overtime is 5 minutes for each player.
10. Two-letters word list will be provided by the committee and accessible during the game.


(Story Telling last year)

The rules for each levels are same. There are 3 rounds in these levels.

 I.    Hello (Preliminary Round)

In this round, each participants has 7 minutes to perform. Each participants should bring their own mixed story based on the themes written below. Choose one.

1.    Pinnochio and Lutung Kasarung;
2.    Cinderella and Candi Prambanan;
3.    Bawang Merah Bawang Putih and Sri Kandi;
4.    Abu Nawas and Malin Kundang;
5.    Snow White and Tangkuban Parahu.

Timing Rules  :
1.    Timing will begin with the first word uttered by the participant includes any other communication such as stage act.

 II.    Story Train (Semifinal Round)
How good your skill at making the idea of story? In this round, 4 participants with the highest score will make one story together. Participants must spontaneously continue the story provided by committee. After the first participant continue the story, the next 3 participants continue it one by one, and.. voila! It becomes a story train. Time to perform is 4 minutes.

III.    Battle Field (Final Round)
Two finalists will fight each other’s story. Firstly, the committee provide the beginning of story, then the finalists do the rest (as the previous round). It’s not just that, in the middle of story you will get twist to make the story more interesting! Remember, two finalist tell about one story.


(Paper presentation last year)


1.      This contest is opened for all senior high school students and university students.

2.      The participants have to write an English article in 500-800 words.

3.      Participants must send the original script of essay and the presentation ( in PPT) on March
18Th, 2016 via email to by subject
4.      The article and registration form are collected in the technical meeting, and the soft file of
Power Point is sent to committee by e-mail three days before the competition.
5.      The participants have to write their own original work, no plagiarism. If there are any
citations, the sources and references should be listed.
6.      The writing has never been published or competed in others competition.


1.    Participants dress as their paper’s title.

2.    Participants may bring a note of references (citation lists) to help the participants in presenting the paper.

3.    The duration of the contest is 7 minutes and the time keeper will give the sign if the time is over.
4.    The participants must stop presenting when the time keeper has given a sign that contest has ended.
5.    All works that are contested become the property of the committee.
6.    The contest only lasted one round and 2 best contestants will come out as winners.


Are you rich in vocabulary? How fast can you spell it? Show off and be the winner on spelling bee competition!

This competition is for senior high schooler and students of university. In this competition, the rules for each level are same. There will be 2 parts of competition in preliminary round.

1. Preliminary Round
You will be tested in written. The committee turns 25 words with audio to be written by the participants.
The Game
Now it’s time for the game! You may run back and forth from one post to another to gain point. You’ll against others competitor face to face. You have speed in spelling? Perhaps, it’s not enough. You need a little bit fortune.

2. Final Round
Who is the most fast? The finalist who rapidly presses the bell has the opportunity to answer questions. The most correct answers will bring the finalist to be the winner.


(News Casting last year)

Be the best news anchor, reporter or presenter and get unforgettable experience by joining Annual SAEED Competition 2016!
This competition is for senior high schooler and students of university. In this competition, the rules for each level are same.

1.   Physical Appearance
a.     Each participant must wear formal apparel (just like the news anchor & presenters do). Wearing blazers or coat is recommended. Participants who is wearing jeans or/ and t-shirts will be disqualified.
b.     Each contestant must keep his/ her appearance neat and clear.
c.      A minimal use of cosmetics is allowed for contestants

2. Competition System
a.    Preliminary Round : Knock Out
1.    News Reading (Political News)
·      For the opening, you have to deliver your own prepared news. Here, you’ll be the news anchor reporting 2 news about politic for the audiences. Make sure you prepare your best news for this round.
·      Performing time will be 5 minutes.
2.    News Sport
·      Bring your own sport news and sport clothes that suits your news. Remember to be an attractive presenter.
·      Performing time will be 5 minutes.

b.    Semi Final Round
·        As a good news anchor, you should be able to make your own reports. The committee will give 2 articles to help you create the news; you are not allowed to browse from internet. Make sure you pack your news nice and interesting. Your skills, performances, and your quality of news will be judged in this round.
·        Performing time will be 5 minutes.

c.    Final Round
·        Now it’s your time to host a show. You can explore your guest, get much information but remember to build comfortable and conducive atmosphere.
·        Performing time will be 8 minutes


(Debate last year)

·        Physical Appearance

  1. Each team must wear modest apparel (Alma mater) and batik inside it.
  2. Each team is recommended to wear pumps shoes.
  3. Each team must keep his/ her appearance neat and clear, including hair neatness.

·        Competition System

  1. The competition uses Asian Parliamentary System.
  2. The competition system uses Knock Out system.
  3. Motion will be given before the competition started (impromptu). 
  4. Before the competition begins, each team is given 30 minutes to make the case building.
  5. Each speaker presents a statement immediately after the welcome by the chair person, without instructed by the time keeper.
  6. Not allowed to use a proposition or argument based on a religion or belief.
  7. Not allowed to use mobile phone, notebook, laptop, pc, tablet, or other electronic devices during the competition. 
  8. Allowed to bring blank papers, pen, and printed sources during the competition.

·        Timer and Knock

  1. Each speaker will be given 7 minutes to deliver his/her argument.
  2. Each representative of the team will be given 5 minutes for Reply Speech.
  3. For argument, the time keeper will knock 1 time for 1 minute and 6 minutes, 2 times for 7 minutes, and continuously for 7 minutes 20 seconds.
  4. For reply speech, the time keeper will knock 1 time for 1 minute and 4 minutes, 2 times for 5 minutes and continuously for 5 minutes 20 seconds.
  5. Duration of speech will affect the assessment.

·        POI

  1. During speech, other teams may deliver his/her POI in between 1 minute to 6 minute.
  2. The maximum time for POI is 20 second.
  3. If the POI is more than 20 second, it will be ceased by the chair person.
  4. Each team must raise his/her hand and stand up first before asking POI.
  5. POI may be allowed after being received by the team.
  6. POI is done by standing up.
  7. POI is received minimal or at least twice as many interruptions.

·        Matter, Manner, Method

      Asian Parliamentary Debate is assessed by an Adjudicator Panel composed of an odd number according to the following criteria:  
1.   Matter (40) substance of the debate, the arguments and evidence presented, and the logical reasoning and presentation of said arguments.
2.   Manner (40) the style of delivery, the persuasion skills, and the conduct of the debaters.
3.   Method (20) the response to the dynamics of the debate, and the observance of the rules of debate.


1.    Our registration will be closed on 20th of March 2016

2.  Participant can register in: ASNC 2016 FORM
3.    Send your application form to:
4.    Don’t forget to send your institution logo to:
Institution logo will be shown on the opening ceremony.

1.    The participant can transfer money to:
BRI 135401011660508 a.n. Sarah Fawziah
Mandiri 9000032488158 a.n. Sarah Fauziah
2.    Send the screenshot of the payment receipt as a proof to: by subject : NAME_INSTITUTION_LEVEL_COMPETITION e.g. FARHAN_UIN BDG_UNIVERSITY_SPEECH
3.    The money that has been transferred into our account cannot be refunded.


1.    Scrabble                    : 200.000 IDR/Person
2.    Speech                       : 200.000 IDR/Person
3.    Story Telling               : 200.000 IDR/Person
4.    Debate                       : 375.000 IDR/Team
5.    Paper Presentation  : 200.000 IDR/Person
6.    News casting             : 200.000 IDR/Person
7.    Spelling Bee              : 200.000 IDR/Person

                                                             See you at ASNC 2016 ....
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