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ASNC 2016: Elementary School Level

Elementary School Level
ASNC 2016 Annual SAEED NationaCompetition 2016
(National English Competition 2016)
25-27 March 2016



24th of March 2016             
·      Technical meeting for Elementary School (07.30-08.30)
·      Place : Lecture Hall and W building of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty  UIN SGD Bandung
·      All participants or the representatives must attend the technical meeting for the drawing of performance turn and qualification round  material
·      For those who absent in techincal meeting, the drawing of performance turn and the material are on commitee’s authority

25th of March 2016
·        Re-registration
·        opening ceremony of ASNC (07.00-09.00)
·        Start the competition of elementary school and junior high school (09.00-16.00)
·       Place : Lecture Hall and W building of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty  UIN SGD Bandung

26th of March 2016
·        Start the competition of senior high school and university (09.00-16.00)
·        Place : Lecture Hall and W building of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty  UIN SGD Bandung.
27th of March 2016
·        Closing of ASNC and winner announcement (07.30-10.00)


These are rules within the area of campus.
1.      No smoking.
2.      No card games or any gambling games.
3.      No shorts and sandals.
4.      No illegal possession of alcoholic drinks, drugs, guns, and sharp weapons.
5.      Participants must keep the building clean, littering is strictly prohibited.

1.    Participants must re-register in the place that has been provided at least 30 minutes before the opening ceremony. Each Participant who does not re-register considered resigning from the competition, and the registration fee is not refundable.
2.    Each participant must wear performance turn number. Disobedience of this rule will cause a point reduction.
3.    Each participant must arrive in the waiting room at least 15 minutes before the competition starts.
4.    Participants who do not come after his/her name is announced 3 times in their turn will be disqualified.
5.    Participants must remain outside the performing room until their turn.
6.    There is no excuse for doing plagiarism and will be disqualified.
7.    Properties categorized as sharp tools or dangerous weapons, liquid, or powders that can litter performing room are prohibited.
8.    All judges’ decisions and results are considered as final.
9.    Participants who make a protest toward the judges’ decision will be disqualified.
10. All registered participants are considered as having read and understood all of the rules.



(Speech last year)

In speech competition, there two rounds (era) as following:

     A.    Reliant Era

1.   The competition will be run in Knock out System.
2.   The participant has to make an original text of speech.
3.  Participants must send the original script of the speech on March 18th, 2016 via email to by subject NAME_SPEECH_LEVEL e.g INTAN MENTARI_SPEECH_JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL
4.   The theme will be announce 3 weeks before the compitition on our blog.
5.   The time for performing is 5 minutes with the 25 seconds additional.
6.   The participant who passes the time which has been given will get reduction of point.
7.   Participants who are in 5 highest scores will go through to the future era.

      B.    Future Era (Final Round)
1.    The theme for the final will be given in a competition suddenly.
2.    The finalists have to make an original text of speech.
3.    The participant will be given 30 minutes to practice.
4.    The time performance is 3 Minutes (No additional time)


1.     Our registration will be closed on 20th of March 2016
2.     Participant can register in: ASNC 2016 FORM
3.     Send your application form to:
4.     Don’t forget to send your institution logo to: ,institution logo will be shown on the opening ceremony.

1.      The participant can transfer money to:
         BRI 135401011660508 a.n. Sarah Fawziah
         Mandiri 9000032488158 a.n. Sarah Fauziah
2.      Send the screenshot of the payment receipt as a proof to: by
3.      The money that has been transferred into our account cannot be refunded.


Elementary School Level
1.      Speech                         : 85.000 IDR/Person

                                                            See you at ASNC 2016 ....
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For more informations:
Ahya (085726976200 )

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