Sunday, 2 November 2014

What Comes Next?

We proudly present our exciting event, EFO (English Freshmen Orientation), special for you: The freshmen student of English Education Department 2014

~What is EFO?

EFO or English Freshmen Orientation is a fancy event for a new-fresh student of English Education Department, in this term, YOU; the first semester student of PBI. Through this orientation we strengthen our brotherhood, build ‘The Sense of Love, Laugh and Belonging’, and also we capitalize this event as the moment to acknowledge each other among PBI students.
~ When?
Insyaallah this EFO will be held on November 21-22-23 2014

~ Why should you join this orientation?
FYI, EFO facilitates you to increase the student ability in English as provisions to face the global challenge, to comprehend about your major and the existence of the organization along with the other programs in English Education Department UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
You’ll find a new experience, new knowledge and more something fun. So, prepare yourself! Then join us on EFO