Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Still you remember what you have done in EFO 2013??

EFO 2013
( English Freshman Orientation )
English Freshmen Orientation, well known as EFO, is one of Student Association of English Education Department’s (SAEED) major agendas. It is the event of academic and majoring orientation which organized by SAEED and headed by PAO Division. EFO is annual year event that waited by the SAEED’s crew in every year and also by all of the freshmen who are the participants of EFO itself.
EFO is purposed to make clear the brotherhood among the freshmen and all of PBI students who have already studied in PBI UIN Bandung. SAEED’s crews organize this event by showing the feeling of togetherness, brotherhood, and happiness, where it could gives deepest-message to all of the freshmen after attending EFO. EFO annually held first of all the agendas after the Cabinet grouped, exactly after the first meeting for working project for a year.
In this 2013, EFO has theme: Improving Creativity to Build Intellect Students. All of SAEED’s crews of Inception Cabinet just give a little bit innovation and quiet significantly looked. That is showing of EFO’s official video which for the first time in history of SAEED made and from the theme which shows young, creative, and fun attitudes more. It shows that creativity is something vital in building intellect character of a student.
All of SAEED’s crews hope that EFO can be the event of SAEED UIN Bandung which becomes the model of all orientation’s event in every university in Indonesia, especially in UIN Bandung. It means that the orientation’s event is not about the seniority conquers the junior, but it should be the senior is leading the junior. Because when the freshmen attend an orientation’s event, they should be given something pointed to fun.  So that’s why, EFO held with expecting that it will be a well-intimacy or a good harmony among the all of PBI students.

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