Wednesday, 24 September 2014


SAEED Fun Walk is one of SAEED agendas which firstly held in 2013 and organized by Inception Cabinet. This event headed by Sport Division of SAEED where the purpose of this event is to tighten the brotherhood among the students of PBI.
SAEED Fun Walk is a new movement from Sport Division with full-support from SAEED Inception crews, especially Art Division and Intellectual Development Division. And also full-support from all of SAEED member, those are the students of PBI. This event comes from Sport Division crews ideas which headed by M. Nasirudin, Third Grade Student of PBI. SAEED Fun Walk is packed as a event that the participants walking toward the route where has a beautiful vista. Its purpose is to bring feeling comfort and feel happy to see some beautiful views and to helps the participant to be healthier by walking.
SAEED Fun Walk 2013 is so awesome for the first time it’s held in this year. It’s followed by about ten classes from four generations and the destination is Cilengkrang Falls. The quiet tiring trip but makes body feel more fresh was so awesome by the enthusiasm of the participants. And when the participants have arrived, all of them do something fun. Such as games, group performance, etc. The game which won by The Class A PBI 2012 is an idea from Intellectual Division crews. And for the group performance is set by Art Division crews. And also photo session which designed by Journalistic Division.
All of Fun Walk Committees and also all of SAEED Member hope there will be much events like Fun Walk which makes body feels so fresh, and togetherness is improved, and also all of happiness that won’t be lost from all of the participant’s minds.

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