Tuesday, 20 May 2014



(Theme: Mystery)
By: Silva Rizky F, 2nd semester of PBI
as Participant

I took a silver necklace from my pocket and wore it. That was a necklace with a medallion that had two letters, "D" and "T". I though "D" is the first letter of my name but I didn't know about the "T". My aunt said, the necklace was from my parents before they died.
Yes, I was an orphan. My aunt told me that my parents died by an accident. I had been living with my aunt and my uncle since I was two years old. My name is Demi Hilaire, I was sixteen years old. But sometimes I felt that my name was not Demi Hilaire, I mean my true name. I thought I had another name before my parents died. I had tried to ask my aunt about it but she said that I just had one name.
"Demi!" my aunt shouted from the first floor
"yes, aunt, wait a minute" I went below to the first floor
"Demi, can you do me a favor?"
"of course"
"bring this food to your uncle in the third floor, please. He has not eaten since the morning."
"as you wish, my queen haha"
"oh by the way, you look so pretty with that necklace"
I knocked the door of my uncle's room, but there was no answer. I knocked it again and my uncle didn't answer it again.
"uncle? Uncle Quentin?"
I felt something bad had happened in there. I tried to open the door but it was locked.
"aunt Ellena, uncle locked his room" I was panic and run below to the first floor.
"aunt, something had happed in uncle's room"
"easy dear, what happen?"
"follow me"
My aunt tried to open the door. Fortunately, she was strong enough to broke in the door.
"Quentin!!!" my aunt screamed and cried.
I could say nothing, I just stood like a statue and stared at my uncle. He lied down on the floor, there were bruises covering his face and deep bloody cuts on his arms and body. He had gone forever. That was the most terrible view I had ever seen.
I found a letter on my uncle's desk. I thought the letter was not written by my uncle but someone else.
"aunt Ellena, I find this" I gave the letter to my aunt
She stood up and took the letter from me.
"if you don't bring me the girl, the same thing that happened to your husband will happen to you" my aunt read the letter.
"what does it mean?" I asked
"he has found us"
"he? Who is he?"
"we have to move, Demi. We have to move"
My aunt didn't answer my questions but I believed, someday I would know who wrote the letter, and what it meant.
A week had passed, my aunt and I moved to a village. We lived in a big house but we just had a few neighbours. The house was an inheritance from my parents. My aunt said that I had lived in the house when I was a baby, but I didn't remember it. I couldn't remember my past when my parents still alived. My uncle said that my parents had called me little flower. And my uncle used to sing a song before I slept, the title is "way to in" that was made by my parents.
My aunt and I never talked about my uncle's death anymore. I thought it had a lot of mystery, I indeed wanted to know but I didn't want to ask much to my aunt. Someday, I heard my aunt and a servant named Larissa Vyrubova were talking about something related with me, perhaps. They mentioned my parents, me and a secret room. I could't hear that well but I knew, as long as I lived, my aunt had been hiding an important thing from me.
I didn't like Larissa because she looked like she didn't want me and my aunt were in this village. She forbade me to enter the warehouse, forbade me to speak with stranger, and many more that made me didn't like to be here. By the way, Larissa was about fourty seven years old, she was not a friendly women, and fussy. Fortunately, I got a new friend. His name is Vladivostok Dostoyevski, but I called him Vlad. He is a Russian like Larissa. Vlad was a nice and handsome boy. I liked him, he told me a lot of stories, about this village, Russia, and many more. He was the one who made me felt comfortable, liked my new home, and ignored Larissa, of course.
Vlad told me that in my house there was a cursed thing that been hidden. The thing was a weapon to destroy a creature of the darkness. Believe it or not, in this world there are a lot of darkness creatures. Most of them want to enslaving humanity and rule the whole world. And the rest of them just want to have an endless life. But they all bother human because they need to drink human's blood. In this village there was a community of darkness creatures called The Adrik. Adrik is from Russian language that means dark. The Adrik was a community of cursed peoples that drink human's blood for their endless life. But there was a hunter of The Adrik called Adrik Hunters. In that community there were three families as the members, two came from Russia and one from America. The leader of Adrik Hunters was Alexei. He had a weapon to destroy the Adrik. Alas, Alexei died before he told anyone the key to open the secret room that hid the weapon.
Vlad and I planned to solve the mystery of the secret room. We would try to find the weapon in my house when Larissa wasn't there. I knew the secret room was located in the warehouse because I had heard it, besides, Larissa always forbade me to enter the warehouse. The only trouble was we didn't know the key to open the room. Vlad said there was a riddle to open the room and the only one who knew the riddle was the daughter of Alexei and Svetlana Trusov.
"Demi, have you ever felt that your name isn't Demi Hilaire?" asked Vlad when we were reading on the backyard of his house.
"how do you know?"
"so, have you ever felt like that?"
"yes sometimes, I think I have another name before my parents died and I think my another name had two initial, D and T"
"how do you know?" Vlad asked me impatient
"from..." I took my necklace from my pocket and showed it to him "this"
"did your parents called you little flower?"
"yes. Vlad, why do you know?"
"you are Dementieva Trusov, the daughter of Alexei Trusov"
I didn't want to believe it but there was something that made me sure about my true identity, even though I didn't kow why Vlad knew a lot about it. I was right, my aunt had been hiding something from me, but I couldn't understand why my aunt hid my true identity. I wanted to ask her but she was working in her office as usual. In addition, Vlad wanted to solve the mystery of Alexei weapon as fast as possible.
I was sure that the riddle to open the secret room was the song that used to be sung before I slept by my uncle. I still remember the lyrics
The way in
When little flower stands in front of field that never arid
She gets no hope
Face to the floors
And step on the sky
Alas, I forgot the rest of the lyrics, I tried to remember it. That was so hard, but I was sure that I could remember it if I got more good times to think and memorize.
Because vlad and I wanted to solve the mystery as fast as possible, we would use the riddle that hadn't finished yet. We thought that would work and we could find some clues, maybe.
When little flower stands in front of field that never arid
I was sure, the "little flower" in the riddle was me because my parents called me little flower and they are the owner of the weapon who made the riddle. I thought they wanted me to open the secret room. Maybe I must stood in front of a field that never arid in this village. Vlad said in this village there was only a field but it was arid. I tried to think harx and the I got an answer. The weapon was hidden in a secret room in the warehouse of my house. Maybe in the warehouse there was something related with a field that never arid, so I must tried to check it.
Vlad and I entered the warehouse when Larissa wasn't in my house. There were a lot of broken stuffs, there. My eyes were intrested to a painting of a field, on the wall. That was a big one painting. The field in that painting was so beautiful and I knew it was the cield that never arid that was mentioned in the riddle. I stepped on a floor and stood in front of the painting. The big painting moved by itself and a door appeared suddenly. I could open the door so easily without a key, but Vlad and I found nothing. There was an empty room with just one door inside.
Then I remembered the riddle said "she gets no hope". I thought it meant when i opened the door I would be disappointed because I just found an empty room, but then the riddle said "face to the floors". I didn't have to give up so easily. I must faced to the floors, there must be some clues. Yeah, I saw four floors that had different colors. Yellow, green, blue, and red. That was a puzzle, must solved it.
"and step on the sky". I was smart, I didn't have to take a long time to thought. I understood what the riddle meant. I must stepped on the blue floor.
I stepped on the blue floor and then the door opened by itself. There was a sword in a glass chest. That was the Alexei weapon to destroy the Adrik. Yes, that was real, the weapon existed, so the Adrik did.
"it seems we don't need to know the rest of the riddle" Vlad said it proudly "we've found the weapon"
"yes. Oh I can't believe this. By the way, what will you do now after finding the weapon?"
"you will see, little flower, soon" Vlad touched the glass chest and mumbling in Russian language.
He just sang and wiped the chest for a moment, and I had a bad feeling about it.
"what are you waiting for, Vlad?" I asked him suspiciously.
Suddenly, aunt Ellena came with a sad expresion on her face.
"aunt, what are you....?" I was surprising "I can't understand" I couldn't say a word for it and I couldn't understand what I felt at that time.
"I'm so sorry, Demi. It's time to you to know the truth" the tears streamed down her face."your true name is Dementieva Trusov, daughter of Alexei and Svetlana Trusov, you've known about it, right?"
I just nodded my head
"Adrik Hunters was a community of peoples who fight The Adrik, you've known about it too. Adrik Hunters had three families as its members. They are Trusov, Vyrubova, and Hilaire. Your father was the leader because he was the one who had that sword" my aunt pointed at the sword in the glass chest."the weapon to destroy The Adrik. He hid it because The Adrik wanted to destroy it so that they can be free to drink human's blood without any threat. One of The Adrik killed your parents, but befor they died, they entrusted you to my husband, Quentin Hilaire, one of the members of Adrik Hunters. Quentin always sang the way in song every night before you slept when you were a little girl. He knew the song from Svetlana because she asked him for it. Quentin and i didn't realize that the song is the key to open the secret room. Quentin hid your true identity in order that you can be safer without Trusov as your name. That worked but a week ago Vlad had found us, he paid a man to kill your uncle. I'm weak without him, too weak. I shouldn't bring you here, sweetheart, Larissa has warn me and made me go away from this village for a lot of innocent peoples safety and yours. Alas, i'm selfish enough, I don't want to die like my husband because of you. I've brought you to Vlad that means I've betrayed Alexei and Adrik Hunters."
“you’ve failed me, both of you. I thought you are my friend, Vlad. And aunt Ellena, I…I can’t believe this”
“I’m not your friend. Actually, I’m the leader of The Adrik. One night when your parents were going to visit their friend, Gregorovich and I attacked them. That was very hard even they didn’t bring their sword, but I made it. I killed your parents with a little help from Gregorovich. Alas, he was murdered after helped me. So many brothers and sisters of mine have died by your father’s sword, and now I will destroy that sword.” Vlad hit the glass chest with his hand but it wasn’t broken or cracked. He tried it again but nothing happened.
“I think I need to know the rest of the riddle now” he glared at me.
Suddenly, Larissa came and hit my aunt with a golf stick. My aunt fell and then fainted. It was a big hit.
“Larissa, you look so stupid with that stick. Where’s your sword?” Vlad mocked.
“I left it in my bedroom because I must save the girl right now before it’s late”
“will you fight me with that stick? I have this” he showed his axe “ this axe will destroy you and that sword”
“ I won’t fight you” Larissa stared at me “Dementieva, please open the chest, I know you can” asked her.
“no, this is a trapped” I refused
“ honey, please. I’m not a betrayer like Ellena.”
I was doubt but suddenly I remembered all of the lyrics. I had no choice, open the chest or not, Vlad will kill me.
there is a locked glass with a gold inside. Water will let you touch it.” I told the rest of the lyrics “we need some water”
“I’ll bring it” Larissa went out.
Not in a long time she came back with a bottle of water. I poured it to the glass chest. That was a strange view, the glass melted. Vlad took the sword and laughed satisfy.
“finally I can get it. I will destroy it now and then kill you both”
He hit his axe to the sword but it didn’t work. He tried, tried, and tried but nothing happened. Vlad looked so angry and frustrated.
“you haven’t told me the end of the part of the riddle, right?’
“you’re right”
“tell me, Dementieva Trusov”
“okay. But the gold only hates little flower. It means that little flower or me is the only one who can destroy the sword”
“I’ll make a deal with you. I won’t kill you if you want to destroy the sword”
“take this” Vlad gave me the sword uncertainly, and I took it doubtless.
“do you think I will believe you, Vladivostok Dostoyevski? NO, I’m not a fool but you are” I grined “ actually the riddle says: the gold hates the silver little flower
“what do you mean?”
“I mean this” I stuck the sword to his chest. The leader of The Adrik died by me.
Larissa hugged me “we don’t have to destroy the sword, honey”
The sword would be broken if I wrapped my silver necklace to it. I didn’t understand how it worked but I didn’t really care, I wouldn’t destroy Alexei weapon.
After that all, I lived with Larissa and her daughter, Nadezhda. I was happier with them. Actually, I loved aunt Ellena because she was the one who had taken care of me since I was a baby, but she betrayed Adrik Hunters. I could forgive her if she promise not to did it again, but I found her lied down on the floor. Her dress was soaked with bloods, that was her own bloods. And I found a letter from her.
Dear my beloved Demi
Honey, I’m so sorry for what I had done to you. I would love to stay with you but I can’t stand this embarrassment. I think this is the best way to pay my mistake. We will never meet anymore. I do love you.

I never wanted to know about The Adrik anymore, but if The Adrik comes to my life, someday, I will be ready to fight them.

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