Tuesday, 20 May 2014



( Theme: Romance)
By : Fera Pena Millah, 2nd Semester of PBI
as Participant

This afternoon, heavy rain is coming in the  town of Tasikmalaya, it is motivate a bit jamming in the way caused by the riders , bikers and cars  drive their vehicles to be careful because the fear of slipping slippery road conditions . There is also the riders who stopped  in front of the stores , in front of the houses or under trees for shelter to avoid the rain for a while . And when it rains like this , the rider who became a cars is ruler  the way , as well as hard any rain , certainly they will not get wet because wet windshield protected .
" I think we should take shelter , it is really heavy rain " Iqbal replied , half yelling at Lulu .
" Yeah, actually we has been wet all " Tyas agreed. Then the motorcycle  was pulled over on the side of the way, in front of a store being closed cause afternoon almost come .
" Finally,  all is wet , today is Monday " moaned Lulu .
"It’s doesn’t matter, dear . The rain always has a story  for us " Iqbal soothing smile , make Lulu blush . " Oh yeah , I had grits tablets  in a cup, i bought this from the seller in front of the school , I had bought two " said Iqbal , reaching into the bag arms.
"I want! Still warm right? What a hungry and cold " asked Lulu with pleading expression .
" Of course, get it honey " Finally while waiting for the rain to stop , Iqbal and Lulu eating grits which bought by Iqbal .
Lulu go down and pay the cost of public transportation, and walk soon into the school’s gate. Some people who know Lulu , she greeted . But Lulu not come to the classroom , she turned hastily ran to journalist’s room which that is now new her office because  last month Lulu became Leader of  extracurricular school journalist . Lulu opened the door of the room of journalists with labored breathing .
" Ehm, Ms. Pemred is very busy " suddenly Iqbal come while carrying a box containing bread that has been prepared to serve on . Lulu was surprised but then smiled because she knew who it was .
" Oh, you. Make me shock huh. Why doesn’t send me a message if you've in school ? " Lulu demanded as she go into the room with following Iqbal .
" Cause, i want to make this surprise for you , I made this bread before praying subuh with mom’s help . I just pity to you, cause  yesterday you said you were going to school aerly morning . I worried if you not yet breakfast . So, i made bread perforce "Answer Iqbal .
" So romantic, honey . But is it forced, I wont to eat "Nosy Lulu
"Yeah forced , if  later  you are sick , who take care of  me again ? " The answer nosy added . Lulu slammed Iqbal with papers scatte to anywhere. Iqbal laughing . "Well, I am going to the class , don’t forget  to eat the bread , fighting! " Advanced Iqbal as he stroked  the head of Lulu . Then Iqbal passed , Lulu blushed.
This treatment is most Lulu likes of Iqbal , Iqbal always stroking Lulu’s head like that . But Iqbal never dared to hold her hands, such as Lulu seen in the movies . Sometimes, make Lulu envy.
            They are in a relationship since they in Junior High School grade 3 , but they different school . Actually they have known each other from grade 2.
At that time , Lulu’s school have a agenda, it was Physics Olympiad held Priangan East Junior High School , coincidentally Iqbal was one of the participants . And Lulu is a committee of the school journalist  to interview the participants . And Iqbal who interviewed by Lulu . From there , they knew each other. It took a year for Iqbal approach should do , because Iqbal is a person who types neared by women because of his coldness. But when he met Lulu , he felt he had to effort  to get Lulu’s heart .
“ What is this ? ! Its content going like this ? ! This magazine will be the first time when you  publish on your leadership ? " Mrs. Novi is reprimand Lulu and all journalists members  that afternoon after school in the room of journalists . All silent , Lulu could only bow his head. " Lulu ! You shoul the best prepare this ! Do not get frustrated because the school already chosen you ! "Said Mrs. Novi and then leave the room. The room is silent for a moment. All silent , tense atmosphere still feels so obvious .
" Okay , all of it must go home . We meet and talk what Mrs. Novi said, tomorrow. Thanks and forgiveme” Lulu said in a trembling voice . Without replying , all dissolved . Lulu alone in the room of journalists , tears slowly welled up in her eyes , her shoulders began to shake , crying . Lulu continued sobbing . When Lulu feel everyone in the room had gone , Lulu cries louder .
Once in a sense of satisfaction . Then Lulu cleared his desk , and enter the books , his mobile phone and laptop to her  bag . But Lulu feel startle by someone when she turn around toward the door , Iqbal . Well , Iqbal which has stood there about an hour ago .
" Iqbaaall ? What are doing here ? Since when? How ? " Lulu astonishment .
"Are you crying is finish beauty ? I longer not  hear you cry as much earlier " said Iqbal , making Lulu angry , embarrassed but happy because Iqbal is here , from even earlier .
With not giving a chance to Lulu answer the question, Iqbal pulled her hand out of the room . And  he release the Lulu’s hand in front of the door .
"So what we sould doing in front the door now ? " Lulu asked innocently .
"Want to go home or not? Lock the door honey , you want burgled ? Angry by Mrs. Novi was already , and then would also robbed " said Iqbal .
"Tell it before Iqbaaaall " Lulu closed the door and locked it .
Lulu tells all what Mrs. Novi talk and did to her to Iqbal , actually Iqbal already know , because of the last entry since Mrs. Novi, Iqbal already existing outdoor journalists. However , Iqbal remained listen carefully what Lulu tell . Very excited , full expression , making people around who also were having glanced at Lulu . But Lulu not feel uncomfortable , so does Iqbal, for him that's the hallmark from Lulu , Lulu presence makes Iqbal became a bit crowded world of those days that always Iqbal loneliness
" So now what will you do? " Said Iqbal .
" Anyway , I'm going to show  Mrs.  Novi , you , all the pepople , as all students i can publish the best magazine ! " Lulu passionate expression .
" Actually , I want to help . But what can I do ? I am not proficient in the field of journalists " Iqbal modestly. Lulu laughed .
" Iqbaaaal , you have been there beside me  everyday everytime, that has help me . Your support is the big help ever i get " said Lulu . Iqbal just smiled . And the longer their conversation continues until dusk almost home .
During  a week , Lulu and all members of journalist  school magazine editors worovertime to print magazines stewardship prime of their school days . Every day they come home after sunset , came to the school after dawn prayers . And faithfully Iqbal was always dropping Lulu each after morning prayers , sometimes Iqball had to sleep in the school’s mosque because every day wake up before dawn , waiting for Lulu at school until escort home .
" I am going to the toilet . Dizziness , why  suddenly come . Need to wash my face I think " Lulu said while walking to the toilet . Schools are still crowded , is resting midday prayer .
" Where Lulu ? " Said Iqbal came into the room , he just finished the prayer from the mosque .
"She was going to the toilet , she says dizziness . Need to wash her face she said " responsible Laras.
Iqbal immediately to the female toilet , waiting for Lulu out . With pacing to and fro . Already five people who enter out female toilet , but from the fifth not Lulu.
Finally after fiveten  minute he wait , Lulu came out with a slow and melancholy face . Iqbal immediately approached .
"Hey, Dear. What’s going on ? I think you should back to home . You be tired of this " Iqbal said anxiously .
" But how with the magazine ? " Lulu asked softly . Lulu Iqbal led to the seat .
"It’s doen’t matter , there are many others . You need to rest, Dear " Iqbal pushy . And Lulu could not argue again , this time that is so debilitating limp body .
Iqbal could just keep silent locked himself in his room , he confused what to do to help Lulu . He might not accompany Lulu in hospital , because there are still her parents who have more right . But he can not stand just keep silent , he does not feel to be useful when you have this . Then someone comes knocking on her door , his sister .
" Perhaps I entry , Bal " asked his sister from  outside .
"Yes, Sist. Come here " said Iqbal was still in a sitting position in front of a computer screen .
" What’s going on, Bal ? Why you cage yourselves  from earlier . Let’s dinner, then you're sick" she asked.
"Sister , may I ask you  something? " Iqbal asked. His sister nodded .
This afternoon after school , Iqbal went to the area Cikalong  with  his friend , Raka . Cikalong is far away from  the city center of Tasikmalaya .
" Are you sure right there? " Said Iqbal asked again to make sure .
" Yeah, trust me,  Bal. I ever search that" Answer Raka no less convincing .
Two days ago , the doctors told Lulu’s family , Lulu’s  friends including Iqbal in hospital at the time that Lulu disease thalassemia minor . That time, Lulu was till in a state of unconsciousness .
Iqbal search on the internet , what the disease, what is it , what is the medicine , how to cure it . Iqbal don’t  know , he's just scared , confused what to do . And after asking and talk it  to her sister , and her sister  said , he had to find a medicine , called  "madu teuweul” , new honey directly taken from the bees . After looking for information on where Iqbal which , it is in Cikalong.
Today, the school magazine was published in the school of  SMAN 1 Tasikmalaya . And Lulu was happy not to play , all day Lulu always to smile happily . She feel like  dream that the first magazine in its Chief Editor in the she lead  finally published . And say congratulations come from friends and teachers as well as from Mrs. Novi which last week furious her self.
" Congratulations , Lulu . I am so proud of you " she said with a happy smile nan proud .
"Yes, Sir.  Alhamdulillaaaah if it make you happy and satisfied . Thanks, Sir " Lulu replied with a friendly smile. And Mrs. Novi leaved Lulu.
"Hmm, I think my girlfriend feels happy . Get  congratulations from all people. Do you remember me?” said Iqbal, suddenly.
“You! Have you say cingratulation to me? Not yet, you know!” Lulu grumble.
“Haha, wear it later after school” Iqbal gives the white sirt with long hands  to Lulu.
“For what, Bal?” asked Lulu with confused expression.
“Just wear, Dear! Don’t complain again. See you in the afternoon. Bye” Iqbal leaves Lulu with  stroking Lulu’s head usually. Lulu just smile.
            Iqbal already waiting Lulu in front of the gate’s school while sit on his motorcycle. Few moment later, Lulu comes with wear the shirt from Iqbal. Lulu surprised for a moment cause she looks the shirt that Iqbal wears, that is same with her.
            “So, it is couple right?” said Lulu with smile to Iqbal. Iqbal just keep calm, cold.  “Say, before honey” Lulu feels so happy.
            “Please, don’t say anything. I shame, dear. Come on let’s go, the day will afternoon soon” said Iqbal with embarrased expression. Lulu just smile an then sit on the motorcycle behind Iqbal.
            And finally, they arrived in the traditional restaurant, the name is Saung Gunung Jati.
            “Long time, we not come here. The last, we came here when anniversary, right?” Said Lulu.
            “Yeah, it was a year ago. Wait there, oke. I will order” said Iqbal. And then Lulu sit down in one of saung. Then, Iqbal comes.
            “Sit here, dear. Beside me, don’s far away” said Iqbal. Lulu feel strange, why Iqbal said like this. Cause Iqbal never say like that, Lulu wants to laugh but Lulu just can smile while sit down beside Iqbal. 
            “What’s going on, Iqbal? Something wrong with you, i think” asked Lulu.
            “Listen, you know i am not people who romantic caracter. But, please don’t laugh me. Oke?” said Iqbal with nervous.  Lulu keep nodding.  “Hmm, i have something for you, this is madu teuweul. My sister said, it can help to medicine you illness. I hope it will help you well”
            Lulu surpired, affected, she never thinking Iqbal will do something like that for her. Lulu want to cry.
            “Iqbaaal, oh god. Why you did this for me? Thanks honey, big thanks. I don’t know, what  I should doing to avenge what you did” said Lulu.
            “Dear Lulu. You don’t do anything to avenge it, i want you to keep fighting, keep support, keep smile althought life not as you want. Stay with me here, don’t go anywhere. I never leave you, however what happen with you. You will healthy. Trust me” Iqbal conseled.
            Lulu just can smile J

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