Tuesday, 20 May 2014



(Theme : Mistery)   
By: Nabilla Lavany Octaviana, 5th semester of PBI  
as Participant

            This was long weekend. Almost of all student who stayed at dormitory went back to their hometown included me. My hometown was far, so I went back by bus. The trip took six hours time and it was through the teak plantation, cliff and sharp curves. It was long and exhausted journey. Therefore I spent the time by sleeping.
            I have arrived infront of my family’s house. It was a little comfort house with many flowers and plant on the courtyard. I saw Karen, my youngest sister is playing at cradle. Then I walked to approached her. Karen usually very glad to welcomes me because I always give her presents. It could be candies, chocolate and sometimes I gave her a drawing book.
            “Hey.. Karen!” I called her but she seemed disinterest.
She just left the cradle and entered into the house. She might didn’t notice me and didn’t hear my voice.
I walked head for the door, then I smelled something delicious. It seemed something like cake or cookies. I was sure that Mommy is cooking it for our dessert today.
“I am coming!” My voice resounded the room.
I speak loudly but there is no body who answered me. Through the living room, I saw television was turn on and broadcasted baseball competition. As I guessed, Tommy left it without turn the television off. Then I approached Mom at the kitchen. She looked busy with some eggs and flour.
“Mom, I am coming!” I said beamingly.
She just kept calm and grated cheese on the cake. Cheese cake was our favorite dessert.
“ I am sorry to come abruptly. I just want to make surprise for you.”  I hugged her from her back side and inhaled her lavender parfume. Suddenly she escaped from my clasp without said anything. I was shocked and sad. Mommy usually ignores me or everyone if there is something wrong. But what happened with Mommy today? 
“Mom, are you okay?” I asked fearfully but she still kept quite.
I was disappointed and went away from kitchen. Then I looking for my dad. Might be he knew what actually happened today.
            As usual, during weekend Daddy would spent his time at his work room on the second floor. The door was opened. I saw Daddy is talking with someone by phone seriously . Then he walked approached me who stood infront of the room. But suddenly .. Buug! Daddy shutting the door strongly and locked it up. I was very shocked more than few minutes ago when  Mommy ignored me.
            “Dad.. open the door!  There is something wrong with Mom, Daddy!!!” I screamed  at the same time I pounded the door on.
            “Daddy! Listen me! What happened actually?” I was confused with what excatly happened.
            Do I have a mistake? Is there something wrong with me? I felt sorrow because my parents ignored me. Without I realized, I was burs into tears. Suddenly I remember something. Oh God, perhaps they were angry with me because they accepted the letter from my school. But it just a warning letter about my habit to came late and often talking during Math class. It was not big mistakes, wasn’t it? They were  impossible looked angry with me because the reason. Then I went to Tommy’s bedroom.
            Tommy is sleeping at his bed. I tried to woke him but it was failed. I ran to my bed and cried. I looking for my mobile phone for called my old sister Sarah  and tell what happened here. I have opened my bag and searched it but unfortunatelly I couldn’t found my phone anywhere. It was the worst day during seventeen years of my life. Finally I decided to went out from my house. May be walking on the park could increased my sorrow.
            There were a lot of people in this place. It seemed there was a nightmarket here. I walked round the market and I saw there were some shops which sold amulates such as; mirrors, necklace with little bone and civet fur as the swing; stone bracelet and many others. It was unusual thing in my hometown. Suddenly I saw at my watch and found that today was thirteenth of Friday. In my hometown there was an old trust about the thirteenth of Friday. My grandma said that everyone would get unluckiness on the day if they didn’t bring some amulates with they selves. Actualy I never believed about it. In my opinion, every day was a nice day and unluckiness could be happened whenever. But what happened today made me felt doubtful with my opinion.
            From the corner of the nightmarket, I  heard some people played ethnic music. It was interesting for me. Beside that, there were some girls which danced rounded the musicians. They used red clothes with exotic masks. They danced gracefully and a lot of people applauded included me. Suddenly a girl came approached me and lured my self to joined dancing. I tried to refused but she seemed forced me. Finally I danced with them. Beneath the full moon we danced gracefully and more fast then before. We rotated fast untill I felt so tired and fell to the ground.
            “Ema, wake up honey!” I heard beautiful voice in my ear. A familiar voice. Then my eyes opened slowly.
            In a blurred I saw some people rounded me; Daddy, Tommy, Karen, Sarah and Mommy who sat beside me and held my hand.
            “Hey.. where is it?” I asked with hoarse voice.
            “It is hospital, Honey.  A day before yesterday when you were on trip to our hometown, the bus fell into a clift and you were comma for a day. Fortunately you are safe. Oh.. Thanks God!”  My Mommy wishper and looked cried.
            “In the beginning we supposed that you wouldn’t safe. But it is a miracle!” My Daddy said.
            I felt pain at my head and hand. I also couldn’t moved my leg. There was an infusion tube on my left hand and oxigen tubes sticked at my nose. Oh God.. I still unbelieved it all.
            “Oh, I forget something. I bring a special cake today.”  Mommy said.
            “It is a cheese cake, isn’t it?” I said.
            “How can you know?” Sarah said.
            “No, I just suppose it.” I just smiled to others.
            Believed it or not, it was really happened.
The End


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