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American artist turns majahapit era treasures into latest fashions

for the last 12 months jewelry designer irwan williams holmes has been busy collecting artifacts from the majapahit era a kingdom based in modern-day east java which ruled much of the archipelago in the 13th and 14th centuries

the artifacts have been resurrected as one of a kind jewelry fetching a price of up Rp 25 million ($2,160) The collection — necklaces earrings and bracelets — is now on display at the tugu hotel in malang east java as part of an exhibition called bijoux delux: the art of personal adornment which runs until october 20th

About 70 majapahit-era marble-sized bronze bells or genta which holmes turned into a luxurious piece aptly named necklace of bells serves as the centerpiece of the exhibition

i’ve spent anywhere between six months to a year collecting these bells it took just one week [to turn them into a necklace] holmes told the reporter of his most prized piece

holmes an American who has lived in Jakarta since 1969 also collects good luck charms used during majapahit times to bless new houses the charms small sheets of gold or bronze with sanskrit inscriptions were usually buried when people began digging for the foundation of their new homes

the charms in holmes’ hands were framed in golden borders and transformed into pendants

there are also old kris daggers or fragments of them which he turned into earrings and rings the fragments were cut into the shape of miniatur e krises a nd given silver outlines to compliment the rugged surface swirling pattern and antiquated look of the metal pieces

born in Greenwich Village new york city holmes who took the indonesian name irwan after he moved to Jakarta says he has always been a fascinated with the variety of gems and jewelry from cultures and traditions across this vast archipelago which serve as a source of inspiration for him

i design the jewelry to meet the modern style and need of today’s society the outcome is jewelry with high artistic and cultural values he said

through his jewelry holmes has introduced Indonesian craft traditions to international audiences through his many exhibitions in the united states Austria france germany britain italy and Australia michele obama and mick jagger are some of the owners of his jewelry

his other collections are now on display in his gallery in ciputat southwest of Jakarta koi kemang cafe gallery in south Jakarta bali’s tonyraka art gallery tugu hotel’s gallery and the agung rai museum of art in ubud.

aside from playing host to holmes’ majapahit collection tugu hotel malang also showcases private collections of traditional jewelry from across indonesia

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Geo-Ethnic, Source of Indonesian Creative Designs Power 

Indonesia owns more than 600 ethnics with each having unique culture tradition and character the ethnic diversity could be the source of creative power

the statement was made by tourism and creative economy minister mari elka pangestu after attending the 2013 biennale desain dan kriya (Indonesian Design and Craft Biennale) on thursday January 16 at National Gallery jakarta
the biennale exhibited 93 collaborative designs of Indonesian designers from eight creative economy industries including architecture interior design furniture creative produc textile mode and graphic dozens of the designs has made the what-so-called "Geo-ethnic" as a source of creative power
according to irvan noe'man one of the curators at 2013 biennale desain dan kriya Indonesia the event was not only exhibiting products that already available on the market but also a prototype of new craft and designs
"biennale is also an event to study the trend forecasting and trend decoding on the development of design and craft in Indonesia in the past two years The theme was adjusted with the context of issues that is considered as crucial in the past two years" said ivan
in the event the Minister also said that the government will continue to facilitate Indonesia's participation in the international events such as Venice Biennale Architecture (VBA) which will be held in arsenale venezia italy starting from June 14 to November 27 2014

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