Monday, 2 December 2013

The Best Article

Name   : ELLISAH
Class    : PBI-A/2013
Group  : LINE

            Line is an application for Smartphone, Android, I-Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and the other Windows Phone. Line was created in Japan since 2011.
First, Line was originally developed as a mobile application for Android and iOS Smartphone. But, in August 2012, the service has expanded to Blackberry. In March 2013, the service has expanded to Nokia Asha. But, it is just applied in Asia and Oceania. And Line’s service has expanded to Windows Phone since July 2013. The service can be available in the laptop and desktop computers which are using Microsoft Windows and MAC OS Platforms too.
Actually, I don’t know how to use it, because I don’t have this application in my phone. But, I just know that this application is very useful. All that I know is Line users can exchange text messages, graphics, videos, and audios. Line users can make free volp calls too and hold free audio or video too.
A lot of my friends agreed with it. They think it is very useful. For example Dila, she said that Line can make us be connected with the people who are so far away from us, but it also makes people who are near with us be far away. And she said that it makes her can meet again with her ex-boyfriend.  And then Vera said that Line is so simple but it is fun. Also, Anisa said that we can chat with Line easily, and chat becomes fun with cute emoticons that presented by Line.
And Eva told me how to use it and what actually Line is. She said that Line is a kind of social networks. You can use it simply, just invite your friends by Qr Code or you friend’s number, you can chat every time, share everything such as your photos, videos, or you can share your voices through Line.
For the last is Fajar said that Line is a good for our class, because there is a group for PBI-A, in that group we can share a lot of Information about what happened in PBI-A class.
Those are the opinion of some my friends. Well, according to their opinion, I think Line is very useful of course, because although I don’t even use it. When I heard their opinion, I can fell that they are so happy for using this application.
But, you know that, in everything there must be advantages and disadvantages. For use Line, it is depend on you to keep your attention.

It’s the best article of student of English Education Department 2013

Congratulations Ellisah :)

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