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ASNC 2013 : Writing (Varsity)

Annual Saeed National Competition (ASNC) 2013

Writing Competition
University Level

download formulir :

General Rule

  1. This contest is open for college student from West Java, DKI Jakarta, and Banten.
  2. Each university can only send its representative at most 5 students.
  3. Writings are English article ranging from 400-700 words.
  4. The articles and list form are collected three days after technical meeting, soft files are sent to e-mail that was written at the bottom of the paper and hard files are collected at 09.00 AM till 03.00PM  at UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung.
  5. Theme of the writing will be given at technical meeting.
  6. Writings are the original work, not plagiarism. If there are citations, the sources and references should be listed.
  7. Writing has never been published or competed in the event of other competition.
  8. Participant is individual and limited for 25 participants.
  9. Participants or their representatives should follow the technical meeting, which is held on 30 March 2013.
  10. Pay the payment IDR 150,000/Participant


  1. Participants must be present and re-register at least 15 minutes before the contest begins. Each Participant who did not re-register considered to have resigned and the registration fee is not refundable.
  2. If coming late, the participants must notify the committee in advance at least 15 minutes before the contest begins.
  3. Participants dress modestly, wearing school uniform and the sign attributes of participant during the contest.
  4. Participants may bring a note reference (citation list) at the competition in a piece of paper or use helping tools to present your presentation.
  5. Duration of the contest is 7 minutes and committee will give the sign if time is over.
  6. Participants are free to choose a theme and develop it into an English article.
  7. Participants may choose their own title for the article.
  8. If the committee has given a sign that contest has ended, the participant must stop talking.
  9. All works that are contested become the property of the committee.
  10. Each participant who breaks the rules will get reduction of 50 points.
  11. There are 5 criteria for the assessment and each criteria has a maximum of 100 points.

  1. Grammar (1-20)
  2. Content (1-20)
  3. Originality (1-20)
  4. Mechanic (1-20)
  5. Presentation (1-20)

  1. The contest only lasted one round and 2 best contestants will come out as champions from.
  2. Announcement of winners will be published on the blog spot SAEED 2 weeks after the competition.


  1. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be contested.
  2. Participants who do plagiarism will be disqualified.
  3. Other things that have not been listed will be determined later by the committee based on appropriateness.


  1. College

  • Between honest and safe
  • Unfairly law
  • Status differential

Contact Person
Nurul yasari 089687269902
e-mail :

* Important Dates
30 March 2013 is the registration deadline and the technical meeting

Untuk Pembayaran biaya pendaftaran via transfer :
0750-01023343-53-1 a.n Diandini Pratiwi
BRI unit Cibiru 
(Tanda bukti transfer harap dikirim dalam format .jpg ke dan dibawa pada saat registrasi ulang)

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