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ASNC 2013: Story Telling (Varsity)

Annual Saeed National Competition (ASNC) 2013

Story Telling

University Level

download formulir :
formulir ASNC varsity 

Time : April 06, 2013

Place : Universitas Islam Negeri  Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
  Jl. A. H Nasution 105 Bandung 40614  
Fee           : IDR 150,000/Participant


  1. To be eligible in competing in ASNC story telling competition, an individual must be a student of a university student proven by the student card.
  2. There is no quota for each institution.


  1. This Story telling contest is open for Senior High School form West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten and will be limited for only 30 participants.
  2. Every contestant will send the script of the story to the Committee on the competition day. (4 copies).
  3. The theme of story is “Heroism”. It can be taken from novel, movie or the  development  plot and manuscrift or it can be done by participant itself.
  4. The Participants must re-register on technical meeting and before the contest begins.
  5. Participants must attend on technical meeting, which is held on March 23rd, 2013, to get the performance turn number. For those who don’t attend, the performance turn number will be determined by committee. Participants will be considered stand down if don’t attend without any confirmation.
  6. The contestant may freely choose, provide and use the property needed to tell the story.
  7. The Contest will run in one round.

  1. ROUND

  1. Each participant must come at least 30 minutes before the competition begins.
  2. Each participant must stay at the competition venue until the competition ends and must remain silent when others participant are delivering his/her story, unless it is allowed by the committee’s permission.
  3. Every communication device must be silent or turned off.
  4. Participants’ supporters may take a video and photograph the participant’s performance, as long as they do not disturb the other participants when they are delivering their story. Please be aware that the attendants/supporters may not be on the stage during performance.
  5. Notes are not permitted
  6. Each participant will be called three times in a row based on his/her turn (first chance).
  7. Participants who don’t come up after being called three times (first chance) will be put on the last turn (second chance).
  8. Participants who don’t come on the second chance will be disqualified.
  9. Participants may choose to use actions, properties or costumes (if possible), at their own expense, to make their stories live.
  10. The score margin is between 0 - 100.

  1. The judges' decision is absolute.
  2. Every rule must be followed. Disqualification is necessary for every participant who doesn’t obey the rule.
  3. Background music is allowed and consists of not more than 30% of the whole performance.
  4. This round will automatically decide the winner of the competition
  5. Announcement of Contest winners is final unless the list of winners is announced incorrectly, in which case the chief judge or Committee may immediately interrupt to correct the error.


  1. The properties are provided by each participant and must be prepared before performing.
  2. Sound effects, a staged act, etc are operated by another person while the rest of Judges comment  and the other turn will be coming.
  3. A green signal will be displayed by the timekeeper as a sign for the participant to start delivering the story.
  4. Each participant has maximum time of 8 minutes to deliver his/her story.
  5. A yellow flag will be displayed on the 5th minute
  6. On the 8th minute, time keeper will put the red flag up as a warning for the participant that the time is over.
  7. 15 seconds will be given as a tolerance time right after the 8th minute.
  8. The tolerance time will be a consideration for score lessening. In consequence, every second past the tolerance time will reduce the score.
  9. The  sightless contestant may request and must be granted a form of warning signal by his or her own choice.
  10. In the event of technical failure of the signal, a speaker is allowed 15 seconds extra overtime.


  1. Matter (55%)

  • Grammar (10 %)
  • Vocabulary (10 %)
  • Story substances (25 %)
  • Pronunciation (10%)

  1. Performance (45%)

  • Interaction 20 % (stage act, eye contact, equipments)
  • Intonation 10%
  • Expression (including body language) 10%
  • Punctuality of time 5%

What if there is a question regarding the Contest or the Official Rules, please contact:  
Maesah Ilyas : 087782330505

* Important Dates
30 March 2013 is the registration deadline and the technical meeting

Untuk Pembayaran biaya pendaftaran via transfer :
0750-01023343-53-1 a.n Diandini Pratiwi
BRI unit Cibiru 
(Tanda bukti transfer harap dikirim dalam format .jpg ke dan dibawa pada saat registrasi ulang)

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