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ASNC 2013: Speech (HIgh School)

Annual Saeed National Competition (ASNC) 2013

Speech Competition
High School Level

download formulir : 
formulir ASNC High School 

Day and date : Saturday, 6th  April 2013
Time : 7 am
Place : State Islamic University of Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
Participant : Senior High School (West Java, DKI Jakarta and Banten)
Committee : The commission structure of MILAD PBI (2012-2013)
Rules of Competition :
  • The participant makes an original text of speech
  • The text is not imitation and it can not be taken from internet  
  • The participant comes in 15 minutes before beginning the event
  • The participant who comes late will be moved to the last number of competition order
  • The participant who has called three times and there is no confirmation before, they are considered out
  • The participant must wear the school uniform and shoes
  • The participant will get number when technical meeting
  • The participant must obey all of the rule which have decided
  • The judge’s decision is point and final, so it can not be criticized  
Technical of Competition :
  • For the first round, all of participant perform with the same theme “THE ABOLITION OF RSBI (Rintisan Sekolah Bertaraf Internasional)
  • In the final, the participant will get the theme which is different suddenly and get one question from judge directly
  • For the first round is seven minutes
  • For the final is just three minutes
  • When answer the question from judge, the participant is given the time just one minute to answer
  • Mark of time, green means begin, yellow means that it has been 5 minutes and red means it must be stopped
  • The participant who passes the time which has been given in every round, will get reduction of point
Technical Meeting

  1. Technical meeting is held on March 30, 2013.
  2. All participants or the representatives must attend the technical meeting for the drawing of performance turn and qualification round material.
  3. For those who absent in technical meeting, the drawing of performance turn and the material are on committee’s authority.
Judging Items
Speech DevelopmentStructure, Organization, Support Material
EffectivenessAchievement of purpose, Interest, Reception
Speech ValueIdeas, Logic, Original Thought
PhysicalAppearance, Body Language
VoiceFlexibility Volume
MannerDirectness, Assurance, Enthusiasm
AppropriatenessTo speech purpose and audience
CorrectnessGrammar, Pronunciation, Word Selection

* Important Date 
30 March 2013 is the registration deadline and the technical meeting

NB : FEE IDR 100.000

Untuk Pembayaran biaya pendaftaran via transfer :
0750-01023343-53-1 a.n Diandini Pratiwi
BRI unit Cibiru 
(Tanda bukti transfer harap dikirim dalam format .jpg ke dan dibawa pada saat registrasi ulang)

CP : Nasrullah Mauludin 08979108321

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