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ASNC 2013: Debate (Varsity only)

Annual Saeed National Competition (ASNC) 2013

Asian Parliamentary English Debating Competition

University Level

download formulir : formulir ASNC varsity 

This competition will be held on,
Date    : 5-7 April 2013
Place   : W Building, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung
Fee       : IDR 300,000/Team


  1. This Debate contest is open for the 1st semester - 7th semester.
  2. Each team (Representative allowed) must attend the technical meeting.
  3. Each team must register through online or offline registration.
  4. Each team must already be re-registered before the competition begins.
  5. Each team should come before the competition begins (at least 30 minutes before the opening ceremony).
  6. Each team must wear the co-card and performance turn number. Disobedience of this rule will make a disqualification.
  7. The Team who do not come after team’s name announced 3 times will be disqualified.
  8. Each team must obey the strict rules applied (see special rules).
  9. All teams should respect and appreciate the adjudicators’ decision and judgment.
  10. Team who made a protest toward the adjudicators’ decision and judgment will be disqualified.
  11. Each University has no quota (limited team allowed) to follow this competition.


  1. Physical Appearance

  1. Each participant must wear modest apparel. Wearing blazers or alma mater coat is recommended. Participants wearing jeans or/ and t-shirts will be disqualified.
  2. Each participant is recommended to wear pumps shoes.
  3. Each participant must keep his/ her appearance neat and clear, including hair neatness.
  4. Each participant is allowed to have minimal use cosmetics.

  1. Technical Meeting

  1. All participants or the representatives must attend the technical meeting for the drawing of performance turn and qualification round material.
  2. For those who absent in technical meeting, the drawing of performance turn and the material are on committee’s authority.
  3. The technical meeting will be held on March 23rd, 2013

  1. Competition System

  1. The competition uses Asian Parliamentary System.
  2. The competition system uses Knock Out of system.
  3. For the elimination phase, Motion will be given at the technical meeting, and motion will be given before the match (impromptu).
  4. Before the race begins, each participant is given 15 minutes to make the case building.
  5. Each speaker presents a statement immediately after the welcome by the chair person, without instructed by the time keeper.
  6. Not allowed to use a proposition or argument based on a religion or belief.
  7. POI is received minimal or at least twice as many interruptions.

  1. Matter, Manner, Method:
Asian Parliamentary Debate is assessed by an Adjudicator Panel composed of an odd number according to the following criteria:  

  1. Matter (40) substance of the debate, the arguments and evidence presented, and the logical reasoning and presentation of said arguments.
  2. Manner (40) the style of delivery, the persuasion skills, and the conduct of the debaters.
  3. Method (20) the response to the dynamics of the debate, and the observance of the rules of debate.
*these scripst should be brought on technical meeting

* Important Dates

30 March 2013 is the registration deadline

Untuk Pembayaran biaya pendaftaran via transfer :
0750-01023343-53-1 a.n Diandini Pratiwi
BRI unit Cibiru 
(Tanda bukti transfer harap dikirim dalam format .jpg ke dan dibawa pada saat registrasi ulang)

Contact Person,
Hera Septy Gandini: 

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